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Overcoming ADHD Without Medication:
---------A Guidebook for Parents and Teachers

Superar TDAH
Overcoming ADHD Without Medication: A Guidebook for Parents and Teachers
by Association for Youth, Children and Natural Psychology
Paperback and eBook distributed by Cardinal Publishers Group, Indianapolis, IN

TDAH libro, e-libro

Superar el TDAH Sin Medicación (Spanish Edition)– AYCNP
paperback / distributed eBook / eLibro- April 1, 2013

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Editorial Reviews

Portland Book Review - 5 Stars ***** of 5

"Overall, this book makes a compelling argument against medication use in ADHD treatment. The authors back up their claims with a wide variety of sources and professional opinions. And the writing is very accessible to all audiences. The information is presented in a clear way so concerned parents and teachers can use this guidebook effectively. Any caregiver of a child diagnosed with ADHD should read this book and consider non-medical treatment. Perhaps it will be the answer for some. And even if medication is used in treatment, there are plenty of great ideas included that will help caregivers make life easier for children living with ADHD."
by Elibabeth Franklin, Portland Book Review

Midwest Book Review - (Oregon, WI USA) "An excellent read that should very much be considered by concerned parents." 5 Stars ***** of 5

"Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder almost comes at an epidemic level. "Overcoming ADHD without Medication" is a guide for parents who want to pursue treating this condition for their children without resorting to drugs such as Ritalin, which carry some side effects. With a lot of thought and understanding of concern, "Overcoming ADHD without Medication" is an excellent read that should very much be considered by concerned parents." - Midwest Book Review
end review

"As a physician, I see children and adults daily who have been diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. The first thing that often happens in this case is that they are put on medications without any regard for their lifestyle or nutritional habits. What I love about this book is that right from the beginning the author addresses that ADHD is a multi-factorial illness that has multi-factorial solutions." - Maiysha Clairborne, MD (Atlanta, GA)

"Overcoming ADHD Without Medication is a tremendous resource for parents who appreciate and want the whole person considered in interventions for their ADHD child." - Bradley Foster, Giant Steps ADHD Coaching

"Sensible, reasonable, and effective information on good parenting and healthy living habits for children. And in today's fast paced, over materialistic, and family jeopardized society, it's pages are filled with tips, guidelines, options, and resources that could be of priceless worth to parents and educators." - Lynda Coker, Between the Pages

"Having a child who was just diagnosed with ADHD I was greatly looking forward to reading a book that discussed the issue and medication as we explore our options for treatment. I liked that this book addressed the positives and negatives of using medication and from various standpoints such as effect at school etc. Also of benefit was the information provided regarding educational solutions, as think it is important for parents to advocate for their children and learning valuable info on how to help children is key to this and being able to provide teachers with info. The references and resources sections in this book were extensive. I really liked the checklist of questions provided to help caregivers look at different methods for treating adhd and areas to focus on and concerns for these children. Overall this book is well laid out and has a good variety of medical info and information from studies along with real easy to understand information regarding the topic at hand." Review the Book

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Overcoming ADHD Without Medication: A Guidebook for Parents and Teachers - Overview

What is ADHD and what are the symptoms? What can parents do to help children overcome ADHD? Can this be accomplished without medication? What drugs are being used for ADHD and are they effective? What are the side effects and are they serious? What can educators do to help children with ADHD to be successful? What about childhood depression? Can anything be done to help children naturally?These and many more questions are answered in this concise and practical book. It assists parents and teachers to help children to succeed. It also has valuable information for professionals such as pediatricians and psychologists.

There is much that parents can do to help children overcome ADHD symptoms, and medication rarely provides a permanent solution.

Through practical measures and lifestyle changes, parents can help children be successful. This book provides many additional resources, websites, books and organizations, that can help parents to help their children. It provides ideas for teachers, special education teachers and principals.

Features of Overcoming ADHD Without Medication: A Guidebook for Parents and Teachers

- Illustrated
- Recommended Reading and Resources
- Well Researched - Expert Sources
- Extensive Bibliography
- Mental Health and ADHD Checklist for Parents
- Fully Indexed
- Supplementary material section from:

Daniella Barroqueira, PhD, Illinois State University on positive affect of art on ADHD; David Rabiner, PhD, Duke University, on ADHD and medication; Music, teens, school and depression; Iowa State University on affect of violent video games on aggression and ADHD symptoms ; childhood depression, examining the question of cancer and stimulant medications for ADHD.

Over six years of field work and research went into the production of this book and it is thorough and accurate, including the most recent educational and scientific information. The methods and ideas described here have been field-tested and do work.

Sometimes the results are astounding, with rapid progress in a short period of time.

This book represents the life work of many public school educators and other professionals who work daily with children who have special needs, and was developed by public school educators.

Unique Features of Overcoming ADHD Without Medication

  • Did you know that, many children with ADHD are highly visually-oriented? As a result, they may respond to visual stimuli more than other children. Regularly engaging in artwork can be stabilizing for many children as well as adults with ADHD.
  • Diet can make a difference. Cutting back on sugar and refined carbohydrates can positively affect the behavior and focus of some children.
  • Educational remediation is recommended before experimenting with medications.
  • Sleep disorders and child abuse can mistakenly be diagnosed for ADHD.
  • ADHD treated with stimulant drugs can sometimes result in symptoms of bipolar disorder and clinical depression.
  • What Children Need and What Works

    - Children need love and attention.

    - Children need good nutrition and a healthy breakfast daily.

    - Minimizing the time that a child spends watching TV and playing video games can yield positive results for many children.

    - "Green therapy," regular time outdoors, and with nature, is effective therapy for ADHD and childhood depression.

    ADHD and the Medical Model

    Many reputable child psychologists and child psychiatrists do not agree with the current, prevalent view of psychiatry based on the "medical model" of labeling and prescribing drugs.

    There are other models in mental health which more adequately and holistically describe the many interrelated factors of mental health, especially when touching on the mental health of children.

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    Author Of Overcoming ADHD Without Medication books:
    The Association for Youth, Children and Natural Psychology

    The Association for Youth, Children and Natural Psychology (AYCNP) is a New Jersey non-profit association operating as a 501 c(3) in the educational and psychology fields. It is rooted in public school education. It was started by a science teacher and doctor of educational leadership, both in Newark, NJ.

    The AYCNP and its literature is non-religious and non-political. It is not supported or endorsed by any religious organization, nor are the ideas expressed in its publications rooted in any particular religious ideology. The literature of the AYCNP draws on a wide variety of resources for its information. The AYCNP has no political agenda but is strictly educationally oriented. The focus of Overcoming ADHD Without Medication and similar ideas on mental health is in practicality. Anyone can improve their mental health on any of a number of fronts through attention to practical measures, lifestyle changes and by developing coping skills.

    Individual founders of the AYCNP are members of the Society for Teacher's of Psychology and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness). The AYCNP uses some of its funds towards charitable contributions directly to the Newark, NJ community to support the social, educational and artistic development of youth and children in Newark, and on a wider platform.

    The AYCNP is a Member in good standing with National Council of Nonprofits and the Center for Non-Profits of NJ and operates as a 501 c(3) corporation. It provides materials and book donations to children and youth, as well as materials donations to public schools, public libraries, and to organizations involved with development of printed material on mental health issues. The AYCNP website is Health on the Internet(HON) certified, Geneva, Switzerland, which is accredited by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

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    Superar el Trastorno por Déficit de Atención con Hiperactividad (TDAH) Sin Medicación: Guía para Padres y Educadores
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